The Cyber-BE Lab Vision:

  • Integrate latest in policy, communication and organizational research with the latest in industry practice to make a real world impact on cybersecurity and privacy in the built environment 
  • Advance understanding and application of smart technology in the built environment
  • Offer a holistic understanding of IoT in the built environment beyond the everyday hype
  • Improve organizational practices and policies that impact IoT risk
  • Build a community of practice of IoT security practitioners and researchers

Our Values

We value multi-stakeholder, interdisciplinary collaborations to improve IoT security through focusing on the human-side of IoT challenges and solutions. We prioritize digital equity and equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice in our lab as a place of work. We work to ensure that the benefits of our research are disseminated and enjoyed equitably. Last, but not least, we value having fun while we work and collaborate with students, colleagues, industry partners, and others.